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The Open Road

I got back from my solo, nine-day road trip a day ago. As I traveled, I saw “back to school” everywhere.  Like many of you, I am always sad to see summer end.   I love summer and all it brings.  I grieve as I see it replaced by fall, and I reluctantly pry each finger… Continue reading The Open Road

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Apple Pickin’ Day

I love to go apple pickin’ in the fall.  Bill and I went to Oak Glen, California to Riley’s Apple Farms (  It was an amazing place loaded with tons of apple trees and tons of charm. I’ll be honest, I am mostly in it for the caramel apple, which I thoroughly enjoy.  Nothing says… Continue reading Apple Pickin’ Day

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Don’t Ever Look Them In The Eye

I have a theory that is absolutely unscientific and, yet, I believe it to be true.  The times I have gotten a traffic ticket were the times I locked eyes with the officer as I passed by him in my car.  The instant it happened, I knew I was done for … every single time!… Continue reading Don’t Ever Look Them In The Eye