I Was Depressed But Then I Remembered

I wanted to share a Psalm that has helped me down through the years. I have struggled with depression in my life.  This Psalm is so beautiful and has ministered grace to me as I meditate on the truths that God washes over me, spoken so beautifully.  Regardless of the struggle, you face today, Jesus… Continue reading I Was Depressed But Then I Remembered


Jesus in the Old Testament

We know from the writings of the Old Testament that God is absolutely holy … that God cannot look upon evil …He cannot tolerate sin. He is the creator, the judge, and the Law Giver.  The Old Testament doesn’t teach a system of righteousness that is granted to people on the basis of works. In the… Continue reading Jesus in the Old Testament


Life Isn’t Fair

“Do not expect to be treated fairly in this life.” This is how one of my devotions began today. When I hear the phrase “That’s not fair,” I immediately picture an elementary school playground and a teacher who drew the short stick with playground duty. My mom was an elementary school teacher. I can remember… Continue reading Life Isn’t Fair