A True Apology

There are three examples I love from our kids’ childhood in regard to apologizing.  Our two children would go through this little singsong process they instituted for when they had a conflict.  I would say to them, “say your sorrys.” The one who did the offending would say,  “sorry,” and the other one would reply,… Continue reading A True Apology


Christian Celebrities

The  words Christian celebrity together seem incompatible.  But I think if we would all be completely honest, I believe we might have to admit this is what our Christian hero worship culture has created.  Through social media we might actually get them to pay attention to us. We can call them the Christian elite or… Continue reading Christian Celebrities


A Humble Heart

Humility looks beautiful on everyone. Picture with me a man or woman who thinks of others before himself, makes others feel loved, asks questions about others, instead of talking about himself. He doesn’t demand his own way; encourages and doesn’t discourage; lifts up doesn’t tear down; has no condescension, no air of superiority, no manipulation;… Continue reading A Humble Heart