Convictions Of My Heart

Bill started a new series called Kingdoms – a study of the book of Daniel.  Two weeks in and it is already a strong word for us all.  I invite you to read through the book of Daniel and catch up with us. You can watch the sermons on Daniel was a teenager when the… Continue reading Convictions Of My Heart


Even Though…Yet

A few notes from Bill's sermon yesterday....wrapping up the book of Habakkuk (starting Daniel next week🙌). We live in a shaky world but God will set the record straight in the end! Develop a strong faith by being honest with God about your problems, put yourself in a position to hear God and our desire… Continue reading Even Though…Yet


Ignorance Can Be Bliss

This is a post from last July but I liked it so much I decided to repost.   I went to our grandkids VBS family picnic in the park this week.  The first thing our Jude (4) and Sam (3) spotted was the face painting.  They stood in line patiently thinking about what they wanted… Continue reading Ignorance Can Be Bliss