Doing or Being

  My devotion began, today, saying, “ As God walked with His people through the generations, He progressively revealed His nature according to His purpose and the needs of His people.” I love thinking about this truth! He progressively reveals His nature. He does this for our generation too. He will reveal His true character… Continue reading Doing or Being


Bottle Rockets and Red Rubber Boots

reposting this 4th of July blog I wrote last year.



The same memory comes to mind when I reflect on the 4th of July. Every year was the same scene. Me standing at the screen door looking out watching my brother and all the other children enthralled in all kinds of fireworks. I finally would get coaxed to come outside when my brother promised a ceasefire. I would scrounge up all my nerve to come outside just to hold a sparkler. I would try to act like I was having fun while writing my name in the air. Truthfully, I was terrified and couldn’t wait to get back inside the house.

My brother, Mark, lived in a world of superheroes. Normally that wouldn’t be that much danger (except to his social life), but on the fourth of July, when I was 6 and he was 8, it was a bad combination. Our mom was frugal and wise. She only…

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How to be the Perfect Pastor’s Wife

    All pastor’s wives are not created the same!  There is no cookie cutter kit that came when we were called.  A few years back I ran across something someone (unknown to me) had written, a satire describing the perfect pastor.  I thought it was clever and pointed. I’m going to give you my… Continue reading How to be the Perfect Pastor’s Wife