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Soak It In Honey

This is one of my favorite spots.  It is in Laguna Beach, Ca.  I've taken photos from every angle for years.  Looking forward to a little time here later this spring. Slightly sun kissed skin; super scrunched hair; an outfit made to wear exclusively on a beach; most comfy local flip flops, toe ring, shell… Continue reading Soak It In Honey



Photography credit to rachellynphotography.com I started studying, Experiencing the Presence of God by A.W. Tozer several years ago. I bought a specific journal, pen and hi-lighter dedicated to this book. I finished what I had been studying and was digging around in my things and found this book and journal. I opened the book and… Continue reading Complete


 “Holda My Brand New Hand”

I love the way toddlers say things when they are learning how to form a sentence. It isn’t exactly right but it is so cute you don’t ever want them to correct it. My nephew, Dillon, used to say “Holda my brand new hand.” We still say it to this day. Who knows what was… Continue reading  “Holda My Brand New Hand”


Hold You

Photography by rachellynphotography Our granddaughter, Judeth Lyn is two. She is, of course, the cutest, smartest little girl imaginable (as all of us grandmas know to be true of our babies). We, Grandmas are extra blessed, aren’t we? When our Jude was first talking she would say, “Hold you,” when she was tired or upset.… Continue reading Hold You



I am really, really very creeped out by insects. In the Sheri Langley world, by insects I include just about everything inside of the animal kingdom but puppies. I do know my science; so, don’t get all “sciency” on me about the classification of insects. Here’s the way I see it -- if the Museum… Continue reading FROGS


Our Shepherd

I’ve been in a mega migraine since Saturday evening. I was reading Psalm 23 to find comfort.  I read on Sunday from my Experiencing God journal.  Psalm 23:3  "He leads me along the right paths for His name sake."  Isn’t this chapter so comforting? There is a reason some passages are so familiar and beloved-… Continue reading Our Shepherd