Will I Be Faithful?

After reading The Insanity of God and hearing the incredible life-changing stories of people around the world living through persecution for their faith in Christ, while inspired, I couldn’t help but feel my life seemed small in comparison. None of us can understand why we have been given the life we have. What we can… Continue reading Will I Be Faithful?

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Don’t Pick any Lead Daisies

Today is a tough day for my family. It marks ten years that my precious mama went to heaven. She is perfect and whole, worshipping her Jesus, which makes me rejoice. For those of us left here in this world, it’s been a struggle. We aren’t complete yet, and can’t see clearly. For us, living… Continue reading Don’t Pick any Lead Daisies


No One’s Good

Photo: It is easy to become cynical when you study the history of humanity and, for that matter, the present life we are experiencing. People are mean and cruel to each other. People are selfish and prideful. I’m baffled at how anyone can live one day out among the masses and come away with… Continue reading No One’s Good


I Need a Little Mary Time

It is a sweet September morning. The air is fresh, cool, clean and crisp. The sun is shining and the sky is actually quite blue. I’m sitting on our deck drinking my coffee and soaking in the newness of the day. The summer was a string of wet, gray sunless days here in Kentucky. I… Continue reading I Need a Little Mary Time