Thanks for looking inside my world for a few minutes.  The idea of Storypeace comes from several thoughts.  I believe we all want to have peace in our lives, it’s a shared hope.   I have wanted to be a writer since I was a little girl.  I love the whole concept of storytelling, it’s in my roots.  I come from a family who’s sat together for generations and told stories.  To this day when I visit my 83 -year-old father, he will say, “come in and sit down and tell off something.”  So that is what I will be doing in this blog….I’m going to “tell off something!”  It will be encouraging, funny, inspiring and truthful.   Join me in this adventure called life – it’s gonna be a lovely ride!

I’m Just trying to be a blessing to the people I cross paths with along the journey. I’m a writer, photography lover, unconventional thinker, dreamer, pastor’s wife, mother, grandmother, friend, traveler, teacher, speaker, DIYer, bargain shopper. I love to reclaim and repurpose everything,  just as God did for me.   I’m loving Jesus and clinging to him for dear life.  I live and serve in Kentucky with my Bill at Severns Valley Baptist Church in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, supporting my husband, ministering to women and families in our community.  Originally from the great states of Oklahoma, Texas and California.  Bill and I have been marrried 34years.  We have two grown children, Lance who lives in Okalhoma City, Ok and Rachel who lives is Washington DC with her husband, Phil and our two grandchildren Jude 2 and Sam 1.

Blessed to be a blessing.
Just Jesus!

Sheri Langley

contact:  sherilangley@gmail.com

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