An Elephant

Oh my word!  I get sick for 3 days, miss the news, and the world falls apart. How about if everyone reels back the outrage and stops pouring the righteous indignation while also tuning into the whole truth, maybe even mixed with a little perspective. This might be a good prescription for maintaining a balanced… Continue reading An Elephant


Ambassadors for Christ

I have been very distracted by things I can’t control lately,  things that aren’t primary for me as an ambassador for Jesus Christ. Today I am trying to refocus onto the most important thing in my life- Jesus and my call to love Him and serve Him. This passage in 2 Corinthians has always been… Continue reading Ambassadors for Christ


The Truth Will Set You Free

This verse found in John 8:32 is one of the verses I live by. I am always amazed to see people lie and then still deny it even when they get caught. My dad used to call it, “a bald faced lie.” I would imagine most everyone has been the victim of someone spreading lies… Continue reading The Truth Will Set You Free