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Like many of you this week, my husband, Bill, and I put up our Tree and Christmas decorations.  Each ornament transported us to a distant time and place, a time when our children were little and our house was full.  Tonight our house is way too big and way too empty.  It's different for those… Continue reading Nostalgia

family life

Oh Bless You

Photo credit: Our grandchildren, Judeth, two, and Samuel, one, live in D.C.  Bill and I go into baby withdrawl if we go more than 6 weeks without seeing these little bugs. That really is heart wrenching for me. Those little two babies are embedded into my DNA!  We were face-timing earlier. While we were… Continue reading Oh Bless You

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Apple Pickin’ Day

I love to go apple pickin’ in the fall.  Bill and I went to Oak Glen, California to Riley’s Apple Farms (  It was an amazing place loaded with tons of apple trees and tons of charm. I’ll be honest, I am mostly in it for the caramel apple, which I thoroughly enjoy.  Nothing says… Continue reading Apple Pickin’ Day

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Don’t Pick any Lead Daisies

Today is a tough day for my family. It marks ten years that my precious mama went to heaven. She is perfect and whole, worshipping her Jesus, which makes me rejoice. For those of us left here in this world, it’s been a struggle. We aren’t complete yet, and can’t see clearly. For us, living… Continue reading Don’t Pick any Lead Daisies