An Elephant


Oh my word!  I get sick for 3 days, miss the news, and the world falls apart. How about if everyone reels back the outrage and stops pouring the righteous indignation while also tuning into the whole truth, maybe even mixed with a little perspective. This might be a good prescription for maintaining a balanced mind in a country gone wild.  My fellow Americans, I implore you… We are better than this! What has happened to us?

I am praying for our President everyday.  I am thankful to have leaders willing to put up with a country full of angry, cruel, misinformed and confused people walking around with poster board signs for faces and shoulders piled high with chips. I’m hoping those people who have checked their brains at the door will remember to stop by and gather their wits as they leave.   Go read a book, better yet…read the Bible, give a coat to a homeless man, help an elderly lady cross the street … then call an Uber and go eat a healthy lunch and stop feeding on the toxic bullying propaganda flooding the airwaves coming from every direction.

I say “potAto” … you say “potaato.” I even heard some people have the gall to say “taters!” There are two sides to every coin, and three sides to every story — yours, mine, and the truth.

Did you hear the one about two blindfolded men trying to describe an elephant? One man stood at the head and felt that portion of the elephant.  The other man stood at the tail and felt that portion. Do you think their descriptions sounded the same?

Can we agree that both sides are behaving badly? I wish I had heeded some of my own advice during the presidency of B.H.Obama. I am ashamed of many things I said. There were times when I behaved badly and I see it plainly, now, as the shoe is on the other foot.  With my eyes now wide open, I look at many other people today, including Christians, doing and saying things I believe they will regret. Listen to the whole truth my friend! Encourage peace and discourage division. Walk by faith; follow Jesus, not a movie star. Give your emotions a rest. Go say I’m sorry to someone your words have hurt.

My awesome son-in-law tweeted an article from The Gospel Coalition. I thought it was a fair and challenging article (with the exception of a few quotes from Washington Post journalist).   It reminds us all to make sure we are saying things that are actually true.  Give this a read. It is helpful.

“Alternative Facts”

“Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips.” (Ps. 141:3)

Looking and listening to Just Jesus,

Sheri Langley



2 thoughts on “An Elephant

  1. Just Jesus is right! I’ve made it my stance to keep the main thing the main thing by Gods Grace! This life is like a vapor, here for just a little while. Our focus needs to be on precious souls for whom Christ died. Not on the temporary cares of this world.
    Thank you for the good reminder to place our hope & faith in King Jesus alone!

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