The Truth Will Set You Free

This verse found in John 8:32 is one of the verses I live by. I am always amazed to see people lie and then still deny it even when they get caught. My dad used to call it, “a bald faced lie.” I would imagine most everyone has been the victim of someone spreading lies at one time or another, especially if you are in a leadership position. Sadly, it is the way the world rolls. Our enemy is Satan, the father of lies; so, it shouldn’t surprise us when that is the tactic used by the enemy. I actually expect it but, oddly, am always surprised by it. We need to be alert and aware of it, recognizing it for what it is.

The recent presidential election verified what most of us already knew … that our country is divided in half. Two sides, two viewpoints, two different worldviews…two sides to a breaking news story… When a big news story breaks, remember, you probably aren’t hearing the full truth or possibly any truth- show how smart you are by waiting to believe something until the whole truth comes out. Many times the strategy is to give a little truth but mixed with implications and assusations towards the other side. For the last eight years we have had one side calling the shots and, now, we have the other side that won the election ready to call the shots. One half of our country is crying and one half is rejoicing. Two sides! It is never fun to be on the side that lost (ask anyone on the side that lost in 2008 and 2012). These people know exactly how the other side feels – they lived through it for almost a decade.

Here is what I observed during these past 8 years, the side that lost was not happy but they accepted the vote of the country and tried to move on. They didn’t have celebrities using award shows to disparage the new incoming president. They weren’t out protesting, destroying property, and being disrespectful to authority. They didn’t have the outgoing president undermining the incoming president at every turn. They didn’t encourage people to get out and protest the inauguration. They weren’t using position and power to create lies and distorted information that was meant to confuse and mislead the American people. They didn’t have the main-stream-media or Hollywood working for their guy. They felt the wind of change, as their speech became monitored with political correctness as the new standard. They sat back and watched the other side in disbelief, as the president they did not vote for dismantled their country, from their viewpoint.  It wasn’t an easy time for that side.

It only seems reasonable that the side that won this year’s election should be able to rejoice in the fact that their guy won, without being criticized and belittled. It seems reasonable that the people on both sides would want the country to succeed. Is it too much to expect the other side to accept the decision made over two months ago? Is it unreasonable to expect them to stop blaming everything but the truth? They lost! There are always two sides and only one side can win at a time. We have got to take turns folks- even kindergarteners understand this. This is a basic elementary playground rule.

I can handle disappointment and endure ideology I disagree with, but what I can’t handle is grown adults in positions of power and authority lying … bald faced lying! This is beyond my limit of tolerance. Is it out of the question to just tell the truth? What a novel idea – to tell the truth. Sadly, I doubt this will ever happen. For the next four years the side that lost will continue to contest the election, make up lies, protest, destroy property, say cruel things and keep America in turmoil. The side that won will be happy and hopeful about making America great again. They will probably be very annoying to the side that lost.

The good news for both sides is that Jesus came to set us free. He is the truth … the way, the truth and the life, and no one will go to the Father except through Him (John 14:6).   Jesus is our only hope and the answer to all our problems.

This is the view point and opinion of this blogger being stated, in the nicest way I possibly know how, to express the frustration in my heart for the behavior I am seeing played out by the side I am not on. I had some really quick-witted zingers that I am repenting of and keeping to myself. I guess the verse I always rely on in times like these is referred to as the golden rule, Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.” Luke 6:31

 It isn’t easy but … the truth will set you free. John 8:32

Just Jesus,



One thought on “The Truth Will Set You Free

  1. Bravo! Amen and amen! Sheri, thank you for telling the truth. You have said what I wish I could shout to all America. “Truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us God.” I am like you. I have a lot of things I would like to say to the people on the other side, but I will refrain from doing so, because I sure do not want to act like them.



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