Quit telling me God has a plan.

I really like this blogger and thought I’d repost his blog as someone shared it with me recently- it’s a good read Check him out …Jordan Nations.

Jordan Nations

A good friend sent me a text last week asking, “How did you make big life decisions like moving and getting an adult job?” I thought it was funny because in most ways I’m still making the big life decisions that come with graduating college. I’m living in the same Tallahassee home I’ve lived in all year and have yet to choose my next move. 

I sent an essay response to her single sentence question loaded with my first thoughts on the topic. She thanked me and responded, “I swear if one more person tells me that God knows the plans he has for me… I’m going to punch them in the jugular. Good intentions. And I know ultimately I need to trust God. But that doesn’t help me actually make a decision.”

The jugular? Pretty extreme I suppose, but I think I agree.


Those of us approaching big transitions…

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