Welcome to my new blog.  I have been a private blogger for some time and a quiet”journaler” before that.  I love my life and remain grateful for all God’s grace and mercy in my journey these years.

I decided to start fresh, to leave the old blogs behind and forge ahead to claim new territory.  The little prefix “RE” is fascinating to me.  According to the dictionary, it occurs originally in loanwords from Latin, used with the meaning “again” and “again” to indicate repetition.    I love all the “RE” words-re-doing, re-claiming, re-purposing, re-vising, re-organizing,  re-furbishing, re-living, re-storing, re-generating, re-storing, (oops, I re-peated that one) re-deeming, re-calling, a re-write… I could go on and on but I think you can see where I’m heading.

The whole concept of a do-over,  a re-do is freeing.  Let go of past mistakes.  Re-leasing the burdens carried around far too long.  Feeling my soul being re-stored to live again.  To re-visit the places that once brought joy and laughter.  The places that got covered up with the scars from the long journey, the mistakes, the sadness. The disappointments, the misunderstandings, the madness of life that seemed inescapable.

A re-do!

I am a self-confessed list maker.  My daughter laughs at me and thinks it’s a waste of time when I carefully write a list of things to do only to re- write it neater, clearer, with a better pen, a more functional notebook.   The first time was thoughtless, not thematic, somehow it seemed prosaic and incomplete. For me, it is in the re-write that I find clarity and inspiration.

I feel confident I will re-visit this theme from time to time as I am intrigued by the concept and the depth and breadth of meaning.  In the meantime, It is my goal to blog at least once a day to fulfill a long-lived desire to be a writer.  I’ve put it off for so many years because I felt it could always be better-I was never able to commit to the product, I knew I could do better but instead, I did nothing at all- paralyzed with indecision, discontentment in the work.  This past year was one that marked big changes within me.  Nothing special about it.  I didn’t change decades or locations, no deaths in my family,  just a change-point, a crossroads in my own personal life.   I needed to re-work myself.  I didn’t like who I had become, I felt hidden in the identity of who I claimed to be but could no longer see.  I was lost.

So this is my journey. I invite you to join me and see where it takes us.  Let’s re-deem the time….  (Ephesians 3:15-16)



8 thoughts on “RECLAIM & REPURPOSE

  1. I would love to read your blog… This is just new to me. Will you be on Facebook everyday with it… Or will it come thru our email? (Please don’t laugh, just consider the source!). We love and miss you. You helped our family through a dark time… Those are things you never forget!


    1. Karen,
      I’m so glad!!! Thank you. Yes, my goal is to write everyday- hopefully each morning. I have linked my blog to facebook so you can always find it there easiest. We love and miss you and Ron too and your beautiful children and grands. We certainly walked through many dark days together- i don’t think you ever get over the people that shared and carried your heart during times of grief. You were there for me too. always


  2. Great, Sheri! I am going to be one of your followers. Proud you have stepped out and started this. Now you will HAVE to keep going, lest you anger your followers who now look forward to your posts…. No, that’s not strong enough – who base their happiness quotient on the consistent, dependable delivery of your new posts.

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