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Joy and Sorrow

Many times our days consist of situations directly opposite from one another. One friend can be experiencing wonderful circumstances like a wedding, the birth of a baby, a vacation and other things that include moments of great joy. Another friend can be walking through the darkest valley of her life in the death of a… Continue reading Joy and Sorrow

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Walk in Truth

  It has been a wild weird few months with this virus and quarantine. I have a hard time walking through this without stress.  It seems more than anything else our freedoms seems to be at risk and that bothers  me.  I need to dwell on God's word and thought maybe you might need this… Continue reading Walk in Truth


Psalm 27

Many things have changed in my life down through my years but one thing has never changed, people will always disappoint you.  When this happens I have to trust that God is my shelter.   I praise God that he is the stronghold of my life.   I am going to let this Psalm speak for… Continue reading Psalm 27


It’s Not Fair!

“Do not expect to be treated fairly in this life.” This is how one of my devotions began today. When I hear the phrase “That’s not fair,” I immediately picture an elementary school playground and a teacher who drew the short stick with playground duty. My mom was an elementary school teacher. I can remember… Continue reading It’s Not Fair!

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Don’t Ever Look Them In The Eye

I have a theory that is absolutely unscientific and, yet, I believe it to be true.  The times I have gotten a traffic ticket were the times I locked eyes with the officer as I passed by him in my car.  The instant it happened, I knew I was done for … every single time!… Continue reading Don’t Ever Look Them In The Eye

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I’ve been reading some great books by an author who uses the word ‘resistance’ to describe why we don’t do all the things we want, should and need to make our lives what they were meant to be. One such fantastic book is called The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. I believe it is… Continue reading Resistance