A Box in the Basement

  I’ve been packing this week, as our new house should be ready to move into on Friday.  This is our fifth house to build, and I guess you’d have to say we enjoy the process.  I don’t enjoy the packing, though … but, honestly, I don’t know anyone who does. It is hard work and… Continue reading A Box in the Basement

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Fun With Fireplaces

This will be a departure from my usual blogs, as I walk you through the steps we took in applying the German Schmear (you might also see on Instagram #germansmear) technique to our fireplace.  My husband and I are almost finished building our new house. We finished this project the day before the wood floor… Continue reading Fun With Fireplaces


The Death of Death

One of my favorite worship writer/pastors is Charlie Hall. When we were serving at First Baptist Mustang Oklahoma, he was starting out. He often came to our student ministry services on Wednesday evenings to lead worship in the 90’s. He stands out as an authentic leader in worship music down though the years- his love… Continue reading The Death of Death


I’m Feeling Wobbly

I love it when I find that someone else has used a fun word I often use, like ‘wobbly.’ In my devotion this morning it started out this way, “Trust Jesus and refuse to worry, for He is your strength and song. Are you feeling wobbly this morning…?” Why, yes, I am! I have been… Continue reading I’m Feeling Wobbly


Just The Facts

I am currently studying The Pursuit of God by A.W.Tozer.  Two of my sister-in-laws are teaching the study and I’ve been auditing the class. It is exactly what I needed for this particular time in my life.  I have always been a follower of his work, because I know when I read his books it… Continue reading Just The Facts



  photography by  Today is a dark rainy day and although I got up early, I am now ready to go back to bed for a nap!  Down through the generations, one thing I think we can all agree on is that we value our sleep — some more than others – nevertheless, we… Continue reading Sleep


Do You Have A Warm Coat

I guess most of us are preoccupied with how cold it is about now. I’ve had it with this dark, cold, sunless January. I have to admit the snow did help our plight somewhat, as my philosophy about cold is, “If you get no snow, the winter has no redeeming quality whatsoever.” Today, I see… Continue reading Do You Have A Warm Coat