We’ve never been where we are today.  It’s worrisome, frustrating, and tedious.  When I watch a movie, the greatest part is when the good guys win.  I hold onto the fact that I know the good guys do win in the end of this earthly story…that sustains me and holds me securely. Honestly, I always believed I would be gone before things got this crazy in America…but I am not and neither are you!  We are here so what will we do? Will we stand firm or will we be silent?

I’m rereading a book that I am recommending to you.  It is called “The Insanity of God” by Nik Ripken (written under a pseudonym). A few questions he poses in the introduction… “Does God promise His children safety?” “Do things always work out for those who are obedient?” “What does it really mean for God to tell us that His ways are not our ways?”

This is a portion from his book…”For decades the western church has been taught to pray and work for an end to the persecution of fellow believers around the world. We enlist our congregations, our denominations, and even our governments to speak out and pressure oppressive regimes in hostile nations to end discrimination. Sometimes we even demand that the persecutors be punished. We seem to forget that Jesus Himself promised that the world would reject and mistreat His faithful followers just as it rejected Him. Could it be that the only way that Almighty God could actually answer prayers asking Him to end the persecution of believers…. would be to stop people from accepting Christ as their Lord and savior…persecution would end immediately? Believers living in persecution ask us to pray that ‘they would be faithful and obedient through their persecution and suffering.”

It seems the next logical question we might ask ourselves is, “Have we already made a decision that regardless of the persecution we will face here in America, have we already decided we would be obedient to the point of death?” A man in a country of extreme persecution said to the western church… “Don’t you ever give up in freedom what we would never give up in persecution—- and that is our witness to the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

Remember that Jesus is worth it, He is worth it all…nothing else matters. Stand firm and be resolved on that which you know to be the truth.  It is tough when, even among Christians, we disagree on how to handle the battles waging in front of us. Like no time before we must think for ourselves.  Be an individual.  Listen to God, not man.

“Be faithful, even to the point of death!” (Revelation 2:10)

Just Jesus,





5 thoughts on “Persecution

  1. Yes. Been studying and thinking along these same lines. Seems this came much faster than we could have imagined. Faith to endure to the end is what we want/ need.

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  2. Thanks beautiful sis! The gospel has to go forth like never before! By Gods Grace, we saw 15 precious souls come to Jesus Sunday in Midland. We are so grateful for your investment in the gospel going forth. We love you so much!
    Gina & Scott❤️🙏🏼

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  3. Dear Sheri

    Your post is so timely and thought provoking.

    I am super excited that you two have found a house…..with new paint it will be a showplace.

    I am also super excited you are coming our way! Please tell me what you like for breakfast, if there are any requests about foods from Mama Lou’s kitchen you would enjoy. I am pretty slow about getting things done and need lots of time. 😋

    Praying for Lance and negative test results.

    Love from Mama Lou


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  4. Wow, Sheri, what powerful, pointed, pure truth! I am so thankful God has gifted you to write, but more than that you have allowed Him to mold you into the person you are in Christ. I love you so much. Praying for Lance and you all. Daddy D…

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