As I was spending time in the word this morning, this devotion came up in my reading. Cataclysmic isn’t a word we use every day. It did seem appropriate for this time in which we find ourselves. I thought it was spot on to what we all might be feeling on this spring morning.… Continue reading Cataclysmic


Love Day

It’s Valentines Day again and we got to spend it with our grandkids. It’s easy to love the ones who love us back. Isn’t that a wonderful feeling to love and be loved? To hear the words, “I love you” and see the truth behind the words is the warmest, fuzziest warm fuzzy of all.… Continue reading Love Day


Transition is Exhausting

  Much has changed since I last wrote a blog.  We left our Kentucky family and moved to our Oklahoma family.  Transition is exhausting!  We moved into a rent house until we can decide where we what to we are still in transition.  It takes a while to figure it all out.  Our grandchildren… Continue reading Transition is Exhausting


The Wrap Up

When we were growing up, my brother would wrap all the Christmas gifts. He took painstaking effort to make each one special. Before we ripped right into the gift he would say, “Stop, notice the wrapping!” We stopped in mid air and looked adoringly at the box and would say, “ahhhhh.” Since then, I’ve always… Continue reading The Wrap Up

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Joy and Sorrow

Many times our days consist of situations directly opposite from one another. One friend can be experiencing wonderful circumstances like a wedding, the birth of a baby, a vacation and other things that include moments of great joy. Another friend can be walking through the darkest valley of her life in the death of a… Continue reading Joy and Sorrow


He Will Do It Again

DO IT AGAIN Elevation Worship "Walking around these walls I thought by now they'd fall But You have never failed me yet Waiting for change to come Knowing the battle's won For You have never failed me yet Your promise still stands Great is Your faithfulness, faithfulness I'm still in Your hands This is my… Continue reading He Will Do It Again


Patience and Understanding

Last year my grandkids went to a little preschool held at a small church - it was a new experience for us all.  At most schools, there is etiquette involved in the drop-off and the pick-up.  Nobody wants to be that parent doing it wrong because the other parents are ready to pounce on the… Continue reading Patience and Understanding


Even If

  I’m sharing a few sermon notes from my husband, Bill, and my own thoughts from September 8th. We are in Daniel 6 with the ever-famous ‘Daniel in the lion's den’ story told. Something I love about this story is that Daniel is an older man by this time.  He may be as old as 90. … Continue reading Even If


There are Things in Life

  School has started back for most.  I don’t like back to school time. I used to say to my dad, “I don’t want to go to school.”  He would say to me, “Well Sheri, there are things in life you have to do, ought to do and want to do.”  I, in turn, told… Continue reading There are Things in Life


Convictions Of My Heart

Bill started a new series called Kingdoms – a study of the book of Daniel.  Two weeks in and it is already a strong word for us all.  I invite you to read through the book of Daniel and catch up with us. You can watch the sermons on Daniel was a teenager when the… Continue reading Convictions Of My Heart