There Are Things In Life

My sister sent me this picture on her desk and said this... "I have this on my table to remind me to speak strength and truth into my students each day!" I felt so honored and I thought I should repost this blog today for those of you who just might need a little encouragement.… Continue reading There Are Things In Life



We've never been where we are today.  It's worrisome, frustrating, and tedious.  When I watch a movie, the greatest part is when the good guys win.  I hold onto the fact that I know the good guys do win in the end of this earthly story...that sustains me and holds me securely. Honestly, I always… Continue reading Persecution


Stop Monitoring God’s Responsibilities

Think of that. When I saw that phrase in a devotional I realized that is exactly what I do, I monitor God’s responsibilities. I get on my knees and pray telling God that I know He is in control and that I trust Him. Why do I then get up, walk away, grab my keys,… Continue reading Stop Monitoring God’s Responsibilities


Let Christ Rule Your Heart

It has been a wild weird few months with this virus and quarantine. I have a hard time walking through this without stress.  It seems more than anything else our freedoms seems to be at risk and that bothers  me.  I need to dwell on God's word and thought maybe you might need this as… Continue reading Let Christ Rule Your Heart


Transition is Exhausting

  Much has changed since I last wrote a blog.  We left our Kentucky family and moved to our Oklahoma family.  Transition is exhausting!  We moved into a rent house until we can decide where we what to we are still in transition.  It takes a while to figure it all out.  Our grandchildren… Continue reading Transition is Exhausting


The Wrap Up

When we were growing up, my brother would wrap all the Christmas gifts. He took painstaking effort to make each one special. Before we ripped right into the gift he would say, “Stop, notice the wrapping!” We stopped in mid air and looked adoringly at the box and would say, “ahhhhh.” Since then, I’ve always… Continue reading The Wrap Up

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Joy and Sorrow

Many times our days consist of situations directly opposite from one another. One friend can be experiencing wonderful circumstances like a wedding, the birth of a baby, a vacation and other things that include moments of great joy. Another friend can be walking through the darkest valley of her life in the death of a… Continue reading Joy and Sorrow