Love Day


It’s Valentines Day again and we got to spend it with our grandkids. It’s easy to love the ones who love us back. Isn’t that a wonderful feeling to love and be loved? To hear the words, “I love you” and see the truth behind the words is the warmest, fuzziest warm fuzzy of all. Our grandkids are 4 and 5 but on the verge of 5 and 6. We try to soak in all the joy, fun and memories along the way. They are very easy to love.


What about people who aren’t quite as easy to love? It’s a bigger challenge for us, isn’t it? “Live in Grace, Walk in Love” is the new Bob Goff devotional I received for Christmas and I am really loving it. Today he made this statement…”The best way to show people God is everything we say He is, is for us to be everything He says we are!

The best way to give people a glimpse of God is for us to be exactly who He says we are: Love.   Don’t just tell people what Jesus meant; love them the way He did.”

I was at a store yesterday (along with everyone else) buying Valentine Day treats, balloons, cards and decorations. As I was selecting my cards, I overheard a lady working there tell another worker how much she hated Valentines Day…how painful is was to have to help everyone else get things for people they love when she didn’t have anyone she really cared about. She called it a stupid day. It made me so sad to hear the pain and loneliness in her voice. When she checked me out I was as loving as I could be in spite of her indifference. I told her before I left think about how wonderful it is that we have a God who loves us all. She didn’t respond but I hope she thought about the love of God as the day went by.

photo of heart shaped balloon
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How can we all more simply express the love of Jesus to others today?

“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

John 13:35

Just Jesus,



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