Even Though…Yet

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A few notes from Bill’s sermon yesterday….wrapping up the book of Habakkuk (starting Daniel next week🙌).
We live in a shaky world but God will set the record straight in the end! Develop a strong faith by being honest with God about your problems, put yourself in a position to hear God and our desire for Christ must be deeper than our desire for better circumstances.
Chap3: 17-18… EVEN THOUGH……..YET!!! Put your circumstance after ‘even though’……yet…I will rejoice in my salvation in the Lord! EVEN THOUGH… my health is worrisome…YET… I will rejoice in my salvation in the Lord.  EVEN THOUGH…..YET
EVEN THOUGH…YET…I will rejoice in my salvation in the Lord!!
Yes, I will!!!  God’s way of escape is through endurance not avoidance.
So two truths to take away-
1. Purpose/meaning is what makes life worth living- not happiness.
2. When we are at our lowest point God will lift us up- have faith.
*The best indicator of your faith is not when life is easy but instead when it becomes difficult. “The just shall live by faith.” (Hab. 2:4)
I think the thing that helps me the most when I get all weirded out by this world and its junk is to reset my mind back to remember that this is all temporary….this body, this world, this life…only temporary.  The real thing is the kingdom of God!  I am able then to throw away my disappointments, toss my bucket list, die to jealousies and comparisons, stop being sad that I am no longer young, and to stop grieving over past failures and lost opportunities….and so much more.  This life is to prepare us for the real eternal life to come with Jesus.  Even Though…..Yet…..
Just Jesus,

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