Missed the Moment

I dare say regret over the past is a string we all play on our banjos. The ride we take when we make bad choices is a ride that can roll on for a lifetime.  The most intriguing concept for me is grasping the magnitude of the regret over missing your moment. The times you failed to try or when you didn’t risk your heart being broken. It could be regret over the opportunities that knocked at your door early on but when you opened the door you stood in silence just long enough for the moment to pass you by.   Regret…that’s a really tough one for all of us to swallow.

One thing I have learned is that the great moments come without announcement. They hang low for a short time and then they are gone… the moment has passed. I reflect and recognize the moments I let pass me by. The alarming thing about regret is, when you allow it to stay too long, it can do you great harm.   Acknowledge the failure and then make a decision to move on. Don’t let that defeat define you.

I look at my life and I, like most, certainly have regret over poor choices and over missed opportunities, but on good days I can see two things that give me hope. Until Jesus takes me home I still have years out ahead of me to do the work. I can recognize opportunity now. I could give a sketch artist the details making it possible for anyone to identify it in a line up.

The second, and most important thing, is the truth that this life isn’t the end but, rather, the beginning. The real life is spent with Jesus for eternity along with all the other saints throughout the ages. There is no regret that could compare to those who miss the moment with Jesus. When you least expect it the moment will be passed…

Luke 24:13-35 is an account of two disciples after Jesus had risen from the dead. They didn’t recognize him. For all the time they had spent with Jesus it is amazing that they didn’t see Him coming. They missed the moment. They weren’t looking for Him in the ordinary. Isn’t that incredible? When He showed up they didn’t know Him! Is it possible they hadn’t really seen Him for who He really was?

“God Moments come when we are least expecting them. Don’t let the moment pass you by.”

UnknownJust Jesus,


*(notes and quotes by Bill Langley sermon Sunday April 16, 2017)


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