Face To Face

IMG_2812A question is asked: “Would you and Dad be able to come to D.C. and take care of the babies while we both have business out of town?” An answer is given: “Yes, please!!” We went and loved every minute of it. We had planned spectacular spring activities for optimum grand parenting. We were going to fly kites, plant flowers and go to the zoo, just to name a few. It was, however, not as we planned. The weather was cold and stormy, and so were both of our babies! When we arrived they were each holding their special comfy blankets with running noses and fevers. We had to make adjustments to our plans and our expectations. Our old plan went out the window and the new plan instantly became holding, cuddling, reading and singing, instead of running, swinging, and sliding. Instead of making special homemade treats, we were chasing them down with sippy cups, trying to get liquid inside their little systems. The next morning … you guessed it … all the adults got sick as well. When that happens, you push through.

IMG_2895Bill built and brought a little picnic table for them and a couple of flower planter boxes. They loved the table and when the sun occasionally popped out, we went outside a few times to get fresh air and sit at the table. On the last day we hoped the weather would warm up and the kids would feel better, but it didn’t happen to turn out that way. We were, however, determined to pick out flowers and plant them before their Mommy and Daddy got home. When we got to the landscaping store,  we each took a baby by the hand to look at the flowers. Jude led the revolt and Sam quickly followed her lead by pulling the old wet noodle trick, whereby, you have no recourse but to scoop them up and hold them.   Somehow we managed to select a variety of flowers, while also holding a floppy baby, pay and get home with only one red flower casualty from Sam’s quick draw hands (he moves with lightening speed because he has learned he has just one opportunity to seize his prey before being shut down by an outside force, like a big sister or mommy or daddy or, in this case, Nawny or Pops).

IMG_2927When we got home, Bill worked on the planters and dirt making them ready for the flowers. The two babies and I stood out in the yard with him trying to be supportive but it was cold, windy, and we all wanted a nap. He gave me the nod like I was off the hook and could go inside with Sam. Jude decided she would stay outside and help Pops. Their yard, by D.C. standards, is a big yard. It is completely fenced with a low standing black iron fence and gate. Jude was sucking her thumb, holding her favorite ‘Critter’ book opened to her favorite page, standing next to Pops when I went inside. About ten minutes later Pops and Jude came inside to tell us they had completed the project. We all looked out the window at the lovely flowers. Jude grinned and said, “Pops and Jude made the flowers pretty outside.” Sam lifted both arms high and slapped them to his knees. I said, “good job, all around guys. ”

IMG_2856After putting the babies down for naps, Bill told me that Jude had given him a scare. I felt a chill just hearing him say that. He said that while they were planting the flowers he looked around and didn’t see Jude. He stopped and, with a panicked voice, started calling her name, but no answer. He frantically walked all around the yard calling her name, but he couldn’t see her anywhere. His heart flooded with fear. The gate was shut, the front door was shut … where could she be? He stopped and made a quick “about face.” He looked straight down and there she was looking up at him, face-to-face, smiling at him through her thumb, while holding tightly to her favorite book with the other hand. Jude had been behind him the whole time, he just didn’t realize it! As he was pacing the yard looking for her, she was following him around the yard, right on his heels. She was never lost, she just wasn’t seen. He had lost sight of her. He quickly leaned down and picked her up into his strong arms. As he hugged her tightly, he said, “I couldn’t find you Jude.” She smiled and said, “Hi Pops.”

IMG_6284Have you ever thought you lost someone but then realized they were with you the whole time? Why was it so confusing in that moment?   Sometimes everything just seems a little “off,” and no one can pinpoint why! Why suddenly unclear?

My devotion today was from Jesus Calling I Corinthians 13:12 “, “Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.”

So, why are we suddenly frantic and think the worst has happened? We take our eyes off Jesus for a moment and we are suddenly lost. Where did He go? Jesus never leaves us — even when things don’t turn out the way we planned. Make the necessary adjustments in your disappointments and then proceed with what God has for you in light of the new situation. Don’t miss finding God because you are so stuck on your original design. Be willing to scratch it and start over, moving in a new direction. Are you fearful? Make an “about face” and discover God has been with you the whole time. He was never missing; you just couldn’t see Him clearly for a while. He was there all the time! For now, we have to see God through eyes of faith but, one day, we will see him face-to-face and He will say, “Hi Sheri….”

BlankHeaderImage.png2Just Jesus,

Sheri Langley




3 thoughts on “Face To Face

  1. Wow what a great word!i am so blessed to read all these amazing posts that help me see that Jesus is real guy behind me. He’s guiding me along life’s journey!
    I love you sis & am so glad the babies & you guys are better!
    They are so precious!!

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