It isn’t lost on me that I should have begun my blogging journey with this post, but sometimes you have to start where you are to find out how you got there.   I’ve spent too many years trying to figure out how to order my world and which pen to use before I begin publically writing. Once I listened to God and obeyed Him, it was as if God put a fire in me and pointed me to the wood stack. I felt like He was saying, “for goodness sake Sheri, stop overthinking it and just start writing.” So that is what I’ve done since November 2015.

The name Storypeace seemed to just always fit. I love the art of storytelling. It is creative and brilliant. It is the part of the speaking or writing that strikes at your heart; it sneaks up on you and puts a lump in your throat. It is moving to hear someone share their story, I’m always amazed. We all have our own story to tell! Jesus is the only source for real peace. I look at it as him giving me a chance to live out my story so that I can have opportunity to bring others the peace I had found in my life. Jesus changed me into a new creation and gave me the peace that passes all understanding. My story is unique to me, and yours to you. A friend, many years ago, asked me what my unique qualifications were. I didn’t really understand at first. I broke into a cold sweat like I was on a job interview. He explained that no one else on earth has my unique qualifications. No one! I alone have lived this particular story with all the experiences and gifting that God brought to me. That impacted me as I saw my value for the kingdom. I’ve never forgotten that.

I think as communicators we all want to say something profound — I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s a desire to show the world we have worth … that we are contributing something important. As a writer, I find myself struggling with that periodically, but the funny thing is I have learned the most profound things are the truths that point us back to the basics. It isn’t so much the things we do occasionally that define us but rather the things we do regularly.

The established daily routine and habits in our lives are like the tortoise that, slowly but surely, moves us to complete the race. I don’t have anything new or profound for you to read, really. I’m not a “how to” blog. I feel called to write from my experience in the journey God has taken me on. Some of it is impressive, to His glory, and some of it is shameful. My heart is to stand beside you – to show you that you are not alone in your journey. I’m standing on the same path with you. I want you to know you aren’t forgotten; that you are loved and valued. Sometimes I need someone to hold up my arms and I know you need that too. So if you decide to journey with me I can promise you I will always be honest and transparent with you, because there’s no time left for posers. I will probably be all over the board from the silly to the serious. I won’t be very linear, but rather circular and loopy. I hope I can make you laugh and cry but I mostly hope, in my stories, you will find the Prince of Peace, Jesus, at every turn.

Just Jesus,

Sheri Langley





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