That’s When Jesus Shows Up

imagesIn the beginning, when the world was without form and was void…That’s when Jesus showed up.   John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.” He is always there to meet our needs. From the very beginning he was there, “let us make man in our image.”…. That’s when Jesus showed up. When Adam and Eve choose to disobey God and instantly realized their nakedness, their shame, God told them the consequence of this decision- this rebellion and death… That’s when Jesus shows up. In Gen 3- we must get this picture before we can get anything else- consequences forever to be passed on down to us from the first Adam… That’s when Jesus shows up. In their shame God made the first blood sacrifice- by killing the animals to use their skins to cover them, this highly symbolic way of the man and women now needing a sacrifice to cover them…. That’s when Jesus shows up.

Then as we work our way through the OT we see time and time again the children of Israel – God’s chosen people repeat this pattern…worship God then sin. God sends a prophet to warn and judge them, they repent and turn their back to God-pattern repeated over and over… That’s when Jesus shows up. I used to get so frustrated when I read the OT because I’d see these people mess up and repent only to mess up again- but I looked at the same pattern in my life and realize how wicked my heart is… but that’s when Jesus shows up.   I for one couldn’t be more thankful that He did show up! Extending us the personal grace and mercy of our God? I can’t imagine if Jesus didn’t show up!

The world became so sinful that God had to send a flood to destroy the people of the earth but saved Noah and his family- only righteous man… that’s when Jesus showed up and He shut the door on the arc!  Abraham- was sent to sacrifice his only son Isaac- but before he could kill the boy he saw a ram caught in the thicket, God had provided the sacrifice- that’s when Jesus shows up. 400 years of silence between the OT and NT but… that’s when Jesus shows up.   As a baby born in a lowly manger- the Godman! The second Adam- our kinsman redeemer! That’s when we see Jesus show up. When Jesus walked throughout the NT, as Jesus lived and did his earthly ministry, when the lame were healed, when he made the blind to see, to raise his friend from the dead, to feed the multitude with a small boys lunch. When he showed us how to pray, when he was nailed to the cross in our place, when he was in the tomb but on that third day …that’s when Jesus showed up. He rose from the dead!!!

In these present days of darkness when there seems to be no hope, no good news, only evil, just when we think it’s over, that’s when Jesus will show up– he is returning for us. Read revelation 5-19…. That’s when Jesus shows up.   In my life, when I was 8 years old and knew what my sin had done to Jesus, that’s when Jesus showed up in my life and saved me. When I walk through the days and years of my life in joy, sorrow, heartbreak, trials and storms and I think I just can’t do it this time, it’s too much, That is when Jesus shows up.   And for you, your friends and family when you think there is no hope for them, that is just when Jesus can show up too.


I can’t think of a better thing to happen for Christmas…for Jesus to show up in your life and mine. Allow Jesus to show up in your life today.

Just Jesus,

Sheri Langley

*todays blog credit goes to my Daddy- Duane Riley.  I first heard him use this phrase “That’s when Jesus shows up” and I reconstructed it from what I remembered.  He is my inspiration for becoming a writer.   My biggest cheerleader all my life.  I love you Daddy.


2 thoughts on “That’s When Jesus Shows Up

  1. Wow!!! Thank you Jesus for showing up in my life each & everyday!! I love this writing so much! I could read it over & over again- so powerful!
    I can’t wait for Jesus to show up to take us home in His Time!

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