Jesus Help Me



This morning I was watching some videos we took while in DC with our kids and grandkids over Thanksgiving. Who needs Netflix when you’ve got videos of your own babies? One of the things that Jude, our granddaughter of 21 months says when she is having trouble is “I need hep.” (toddler translation- I need help) When Jude is frustrated, stuck or attemptinwinnie the pooh walkg something challenging her mom and dad always say to her, “Jude, do you need help?” Most of the time she will say, “yes, I need help.” I was at their table looking at pictures on my computer and she strolled up to me, with her hands clasped behind her back and her tummy leading the way like Winnie the Pooh.

IMG_9716She stood there and looked up at me. I saw her and said; “Jude, do you want to sit with me and look at pictures?” She held out her arms and said, “hold you.” Which of course means, “Hold me.” She loves watching movies of herself as much as watching her favorite “shows” on TV. I lifted her up onto my lap. I happened to be sitting near the corner of the table very near one of the tables’ legs. Her legs got straddled one on each side of the table leg. She was uncomfortable and she couldn’t get situated. She would say, “Help you.” Which again means, “Help me.” I would work trying to free up her legs but it took several attempts to get it right. Each time she would confidently and patiently say again, “help you” until I finally got her comfortably where she wanted to be. She was never worried that I couldn’t help her- she trusted that I would get it right and keep that table leg from hurting her little knees and legs. When we finally got it right, she looked up at me, smiled snuggling into my neck and whispered dramatically with eyes closed, “tank you, oh I yuv you.”  Well, I totally melted to a puddle


I felt as if that were my last moment on earth I would have gone fulfilled and joyfully from the arms of my baby granddaughter straight into the arms of Jesus humbled and grateful saying to Him, “Thank you, oh I love you.”  I would tell Him, “you helped me when I couldn’t help myself, you fought for me when I had no will to fight, you held up my arms to reach out and cry “Help me Jesus” when I had no strength to speak or stand. You first loved me when I didn’t love you, you gave me your life and all I gave you was my sin, you took my broken heart and made it new, you healed my diseases and made me whole, you gave me peace when all I knew was sorrow, you dried my tears and gave me inexpressible joy, You took my hopelessness and gave me hope, I was at the end and you gave me a new beginning, my song was old and you made it new, I had nothing and you gave me everything.   Jesus…just the mention of His name”…. (Philippians 2:9-10)

I’m again reminded that, “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Ephesians 6:12) Why am I always surprised by the attacks I face? Why can’t I stop and recognize things for what they are? I struggle and struggle to get my own legs under the table but I’m having trouble and “yes, I need help!” In my attempt to do it alone, I bump and scrap my knees.  Instead of getting angry, frustrated or defeated, why don’t I simply say, “Help me Jesus”…? He will patiently answer and help me. I should keep asking until the work is finally complete, in the position my life is supposed to be in. First Justified, now being sanctified, and one day Glorified. The things that were unseen will be seen. My Faith will become sight. Receiving the goal of my faith, the salvation of my soul- according to I Peter.  When I finally admit “yes I need help.” With relief I turn to his face,  leaning into his arms with a scrunched up face and dramatically say, “Thank you Jesus, Oh I love you.”    This is the face I’m making when I see Jesus!IMG_8478 (1).jpg

Today, call on Jesus’ name for help. Depend on His strength, not your own. He alone has the power to protect and bless you- He can help you get your knees under the table…. through His power alone. Thank you Jesus for helping me.

Just Jesus,

Sheri Langley



3 thoughts on “Jesus Help Me

  1. Oh my eyes are filled with tears of joy as I read your writing today. Wow!! I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the Love of our Father!!
    Jesus will always help me! Thank you my Lord for being such a good faithful God!!
    I love you my sister!!

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